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Dr. Selhub works with clients, corporations and scientific colleagues to redefine the ways in which we approach wellness to a model that incorporates alternative approaches to health as well as the concept of fitness and leadership.


Adaptability to Change

Can you recover easily from setbacks, be flexible and adaptable to change?

Stress on Relationships

Are your relationships suffering as a result of stress and your schedule?

Maintain your Health, Energy and Stamina

Are you able to maintain your health, energy and stamina when your schedule
keeps you on the road or up at night trying to solve major company problems?

Innovate and Communicate Effectively

Are you finding difficulty in maintaining an open mind that can innovate and communicate effectively?

Thrive in the Face of Adversity

Are you able to thrive personally and professionally in the face of adversity?

Wellness is the Key to Resilient Leadership

Wellness = Better

  • Better Energy and Strength.
  • Better Sleep and Stamina.
  • Better Adaptation to Stress.
  • Better Brain Power and Problem-Solving Ability.
  • Better Organization.
  • Better Communication.
  • Better Innovation and Creativity.
  • Better Relationships.
  • Better leadership.
  • With Optimal Wellness Comes Abundant Energy.

  • Abundant Energy means Better Ability to Adapt to Stress, more Brainpower, and Enhanced Innovation.

  • Enhanced Innovation Generates Greater Inspiration and Engagement.

  • Greater Inspiration, Engagement, Brainpower, Innovation and Energy Generates Effective and Resilient Leadership.

Wellness, Innovation, Leadership = W.I.L.

Wellness for Executives

  • Set up and/or oversee a corporate wellness program.
  • Act as the wellness director for existing programs or establish new initiates or programs.
  • Offer keynote lectures, seminars, retreats or workshops to executives or the entire company on all topics related to wellness.
  • Provide wellness coaching for key executives and leaders.
  • Train existing coaches and/or personnel in human resources in her proprietary methods.

Innovation for Executives

  • Offer keynote lectures, seminars, workshops or retreats to executives or the entire company on how to think like Leonardo da Vinci, and guide you to apply creative thinking to your most important challenges.
  • Provide innovation coaching for key executives and leaders to apply creativity to problem-solving and whole brain thinking.

A Unique, Integrated Approach to Answering Questions

  • What do I need to be a more effective leader?
  • Am I functioning at my best capacity?
  • When faced with stress, how do I manage my sleep, personal health, and how effective is my thinking capacity, or leadership?
  • What kind of wellness program do I have right now?
  • Am I already integrating wellness as an approach to improve innovation and leadership?
  • What is my employee engagement according to the scores of the last survey?
  • What is the rate of employee sick leave or are there predominant health issues that can be addressed?

Leadership for Executives

  • Offer keynote lectures, seminars, workshops or retreats to executives or the entire company on stress, leadership and resilience as well as how to use stress to your advantage as a leader.
  • Coach individual leaders and/or teams of leaders and provide high level training as required.

Free First Consultation

There is no greater wealth than wisdom, no greater poverty than ignorance; no greater heritage than culture and no greater support than consultation.

Hiring a wellness coach to help you improve your teams’ energy, another coach to teach you innovation, and a third coach to guide you into better leadership.

You can also engage Dr. Selhub as a speaker, executive coach or consultant and she W.I.L. enable you to achieve all the above.


Robert F Hogan

Bob Hogan

Operating Partner, The Sterling Group

“Dr. Eva delivered an amazing presentation on stress, leadership, and resilience. She captivated our audience of senior executives with her dynamic presentation skills and compelling message. Merging science with engaging real-life examples she outlined a clear path that leaders can follow to change and achieve resilience. Her message is thought-provoking, motivational and immediately applicable”.
Raymond Keene

Raymond Keene

International Chess Grandmaster

“Working with Dr. Eva has changed my life in just a few months. She helped me design and implement a program that has transformed my overall health and energy level. I’ve lost more than 80 pounds by shifting my approach to diet and exercise based on her guidance. She clarified the obstacles that were blocking my path to health and resilience and then gave me a plan that I could actually follow. The results are amazing”!

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Dr. Eva Selhub is an internationally recognized expert, physician, author, speaker and consultant in the fields of stress, resilience, mind-body medicine and working with the natural environment to achieve maximum health and wellbeing.


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